Latest News - Month of March and Onward

5/20/2020: Documentation continuing, Unsung Heroes on hold

5/6/2020: UNSUNG HEROES on hold

3/27/2020: Continued Unsung Heroes, will be updated this page as I do.

3/21/2020: Continued Unsung Heroes, photographed Brenda and Danielle, Brenda is a small business owner of a local natural foods store an Danielle is a truck driver.

3/20/2020: Started Unsung Heroes Expose, photographed "Bob The Mailman"

3/16/2020: More new art put up at Zensations Therapeutic Massage in Rome, NY. Stop by if you need a decent massage or just want to see some pieces! Please respect the space and use your inside voice. =)

3/15/2020: Started documenting pandemic

3/13/2020: COVID-19 Scare, canceled shoot for tomorrow =(

3/10/2020: Artistic nude horror shoot

3/5/2020: A decent turn out for the artist reception at Zensations. Super grateful for everyone who came out! All work will be available for sale and on display there until early June!


IS MY NEXT SOLO SHOW, the exhibit will be there all month, but the reception is that day from 4:30-7PM


Bethany J. Landis


Bee Landis



Currently working on covering the pandemic:

Unsung Heroes is ON HOLD

Documentation continues.


All of our blood ​& gore comes from renewable resources, no animals were endangered in any of our shoots.